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June 2, 2012
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Summary: What is happiness? I mean sure you will get all you want
with money but is that all, will you be happy then? I guess each
individual has a different thought about happiness and so does
Gilbert Beilschmidt …

Warning: Implied sex, Yaoi (boyxboy duhh~), umm fluffiness that might
explode your mind... ooc-ness too >>

-Gilbert Beilschmidt-

My happiness comes from such simple things...

I opened my bloody red eyes and squinted them as the bright sunlight
hit my lens. Wasn't the curtains closed last night? He must have
pulled them up. I can see the bird's nest out on the tree outside.
The temperature must be freezing out there but the tiny white egg has
made it or so it seemed, for there was a small bird cuddling next to
her momma.

I propped myself up with my arms and felt the bed creaked as I
stepped down to the freezing wooden floor. Pieces of clothing were
scattered across the room. Boy, we were really going at it last
night, huh?

A chuckle escaped my lips as I picked up his white dress shirt on the
floor. The sleeves were too long for me and it was huge on my tiny
body, the shirt reached to my thighs and covered my pale naked body.
I pulled it up and took in its scent. His smell still lingered along
the shirt, I smiled. I think I'm addict to this familiar smell.

Another sweet smell hit my nostrils as I opened the door leading out
to the narrow hallway. I made my way down to the kitchen.

Two plates were set on the dining table along with the silverware.
The dripping sound of the coffee sounded quite soothing in our quiet
little house. A bottle of maple syrup sitting on top of the counter
next to a big plate filled with pancakes stacking up on each other.

He was by the stove, I assumed to that he was still making more of my
favorite food. His broad shoulders were back to me. His light blond
hair was sticking up a little, looking a bit messy, that was quite
unusual for him, but those strands of hair look soft as always,
making me want to run my hand through them.

I grinned to myself and crept up to him. It seemed he hasn't notice
my presence yet. Silently, I wrapped my arms around his torso and
hugged him close from behind. I buried my face in his warm scarf,
Ivan's scent filled me up again. I smiled, closing my eyes.

Ivan always wear his scarf. He never took it off no matter what. I
was curious of course, but I felt bad once figuring out that he was
only try to hide his scars from me. He was afraid I would get
worry... and I did. I remembered kissing him and told him not to hide
anything from me again, I remembered telling him I wasn't mad or
anything and I remembered that that night, our love got stronger.

morning Gilbert ~” He chirped happily and turned off the stove.
He turned himself around and faced me. He smiled, that gentle smile
that always make my heart skip a beat or two when it was direct to
me. His amethyst eyes gazed down at me, filling with unsaid love and
making me feel like I am the most special person to him ever...

I yawned, still feeling sleepy. He kissed my forehead and rested his
against mine. I brushed a strand of hair away from his cheek and tip
toed up, pressing my lips against his soft one. They were away
cold... each time we kissed, he sent a shiver down to my spine. Those
arms that wrapped around my thin frame were strong and protective,
maybe a bit possessive too, making me feel more safe than ever. I
fell in love with him all over again each time we shared a kiss...

“Good morning, Ivan”

My happiness comes from such simple things...

A kiss from you

A hug from you

Simply being love by you

Simply seeing your face everyday

Simply being with you.

I love you...

EDIT: umm okay... F*CK THIS?? OAO THE SPACING WHAT THE HE'LL?? *sighs* just read will ya? ;-; i will find out what happen...or someone please tell me what happened??!!

Hetalia - Rupru

this is like the third tries i tried to upload this OAO fuu-- it was freaking hard cus the text didnt turn out as i wanted


i need feedback cus i tried to do something i fail at, which is writing using sensory language OAO so yup, tell me where i need to improve.
and point out my grammar and spelling mistakes too if you please ^^;

i do not own the characters sadly ;w;
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So cuuuuute~! I love it..~!
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Awww! That was adorable! :heart:
Mizuki06 Featured By Owner May 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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I love ruspruss, even if it's fluff. Good job! (And I love your reaction about the spacing.)
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awesome~ thanks!~ (e3e i was mad... and confused)
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That sometimes happens to me when I'm trying to write something, like a science report. The tab key wouldnt work. ~(XoX)~
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yeah, but i am in a creative writing class right now and is forced to write poem almost everyday xD;;
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I wish I could write a poem every day for a class grade. I would ace the class.
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